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7E Communications website - 7e.com

We were asked by 7E Communications to redesign their old website, which although has some great content, was looking a little out of date. 

7E Communications Ltd is a telecommunications company based in Heathrow London, which specialise in bespoke communications equipment throughout the world. 

Simple functionality 

If you’ve read our other posts we’re not fond of the term ‘brochure website’. A website is always so much more than something that works in print. So even simple websites like this one outdo a trifold A4 leaflet. 

The site needed to be easy to update by members of staff, who have access to do so and with our training, an online guide and one-to-one support throughout the lifetime of the website they can add and edit content as and when they need. 

There is a contact form and other clear contact points to make it easy for customers to make enquiries. 

The overall design required a technology-driven feel, with a clean and open layout. The information is easy to find but not too simplistic. We changed the colours from a harsh bright blue to a range of more muted blue-grey and black colours. Using an easy to read clear but slightly narrow typeface with a decent amount of line space to help legibility gives an impression of a company at the cutting edge of technology.

7E Communications chose some fantastic imagery, accurately portraying their business which we used throughout the site. 

It’s important for website visitors to get an idea of a business the instant they land on any page. Relevant good quality images and videos are some of the best ways to achieve this. People tend to see an image before spending time reading text. However, you still need enough text demonstrating your knowledge of your industry, this is called authority building and you need at least 4-500 words per page for Google to take notice and list your site. Prior to this, you need to think about who your audience is and what they’re looking for. This was already very clear with 7E Communications from the start which helped a great deal with the design.

Making it mobile, it’s got to work on everything!

The previous website wasn’t responsive so it was hard to read on mobile phones or tablets. As with all of our websites, we made the site easy to use on mobile devices. This means stacking and simplifying the layout for different screen sizes and making sure the typeface wasn’t too small to read or too large, it took up too much room for different screens. 

The process

As with all of our websites, we built the site in a secure private area only we and 7E Communications staff had access to, to prevent Google and prying eyes from finding the site before it was ready. This could badly affect the site's chances of being listed in Google once live. 

When ready, we sent a link with login details so that 7E Communications could have a look and request changes. Once all the changes were complete and approved and the site looks and works the way they wanted, we made the site live.

Once live, we make sure Google knows about it by registering the site with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing. We give the clients access to these so they can monitor the performance of their website.

We also test the contact forms so that we know no inquiries will be missed and add the all-important spam filters. Spam is a real issue for website owners so we wrote a short knowledge base article for people with WordPress to help you to Contact 7 WordPress spam prevention

Lastly, a final click about testing stuff and making sure it works on all devices, any spelling mistakes or obvious errors.

Finally, tell the world about the new website like we’re doing here.

We received some great feedback from 7e.com

“Excellent experience from beginning to end, Polyspiral is very Professional, and approachable, with beautiful sleek website designs. Very well done, looking forward to working with you again”

- Adam W,  7E Communications Ltd