Calls to action, why you need clicky buttons!

Big red call to actionScene from Dr Who where the Doctor presses the ‘Big Red Button!’ in the episode is called The Christmas invasion. Could you resist this button?

Marketing people are always coming up with posh new words for example ‘landing page’ (it’s just any page on your site you can direct people to read all about that here), or backlinks (just links to your site from another site), and what this blog is about ‘Calls to action’.

Sounds like a superhero slogan right? 

A call to action is a button or link made to look like a button that entices people to press. It’s usually a way to get people to make contact or subscribe to a service, and that’s what a website is for! 

You want people to buy or enquire about buying via your website and you don’t want visitors to have to search high and low for the contact button, only to get fed up and move on, because the button is a link hidden in the text like this one not a shiny big button like this one,
which are you more likely to see and press? 

Calls to action can be to a contact page like this contact us or they can be to your social media profile where you might prefer to be contacted or tap or text to call a number as we did with

Who by the way do magnificent work to help and prevent the elderly being abused.

As you can see those buttons are lovely and obvious, there’s even a big red exit-site button in case the website visitor needs to quickly exit the site if an abuser is nearby.

Types of calls to action to emphasise:

Add to basket / cart


You see this on online shopping sites, you want that button to be really obvious!


Social media icon links: 

These are usually icons, which are images added to the site that link to their respective platforms. That way people can contact via that platform or simply like or follow for future engagement.


Phone numbers:

If you make the link tel: 01787464690,  tapping this link on a mobile phone will call the number, much easier than remembering it then dialing. 


Text messages

Make the link: sms:+1234 (where 1234 is your number) to get people to text you.


Contact page link

If you get a lot of spam, having a contact form is a way to reduce the chances of the email addresses getting harvested by spambots. 

We have several contact forms on our site taking different information depending on the service, so we can better help customers. 

So big obvious buttons like these are helpful to visitor and site owners. 


Chatbot or live messenger icon, usually bottom left or right of the screen and opens a little chat window: 

Another way to get an inquiry is to have a live chat to someone, it’s a bit more friendly than a phone or contact link.


Social share buttons:

Pressing these shares your page to social media, helping your site be found by the people there, free advertising by your site visitors, what’s not to like? 


These are all calls to action that do different things depending on the website visitor. 

So when having a new website designed, think about the following:

What do you want out of your website?

Do you want to sell products, services, courses or just get someone to contact you?

Who are you aiming your site at?

Are they young or old? What are their tastes, what sites do they like to visit? Where do they hangout?


What are they comfortable doing and how will they want to contact you? 

For example, some people might feel more comfortable calling and talking to a person, some may prefer email and others may be on social media.


Red can mean danger, on the Hourglass website the exit-site button is bright red, all the other buttons are in the branding colour range of the charity so as not to create confusion. So red may warn people off, colours like blue, orange and green can be quite trusting. 

Too many colours can make it hard to find information and give mixed messages, keeping to the branding colours maintains the focus on the feel of the organisation and gives the impression comfortable consistency throughout.

Be effective with your clicky buttons, don’t over do it! 

Don’t have zillions of calls to action! Clutter just drowns itself out, but a few well placed bright buttons will mean they get pressed and you get enquiries or products bought! 

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