Google Business profile and how it helps your business

Google Business profile and how it helps your business Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business Page) is a page on Google to show your most important business details. Such as website, address (if you have one) phone number and opening hours. 

When you set one up, you will need to verify your address by postcard, this ensures another business doesn't steal your location and reviews, this happened in the early days of GBPs, I remember it happening to a removals company.

These days a Google Business Profile serves a number of functions. Your business gets a verified listing online whether you have a website or not (see Local business online must-haves, even if you don’t have a website). Reviews people can add, and the more positive ones you get the more likely you are to be listed above your competitors. In order to add a review, you need to have a Gmail account. This does ensure the reviews are coming from humans and not spambots, but it doesn’t guarantee they’re genuine, we at Polysoral have two reviews from people we’ve never met who have written some slightly negative things. Fortunately, we have 37 positive reviews and only two negative ones from people just being trolls, have a look at our reviews to get an idea. They can also include feedback from Facebook. You can also answer questions directly from your GBP, show the prices of products and services and add updates as well as explain how to below.

What you will need

If you haven't got these already, sign up for them below: 

Google account 

Google Business Profile, sign up here: 

Details to add:

Remember to add as much information as possible, making sure to add your logo, business name and opening hours and especially your website address are listed! Missing out details here can affect your listings!

Adding a Google Business Profile update 

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, it will seem quite familiar to you, it’s just like adding a post to social media:


  1. Make sure you’re logged into Google and go to
  2. Click See your profile next to your business name

  3. Click the arrow to see more links, and click Add update:

  4. Click Add update from the list:

  5. Add a Description, make this the title and a little about the article and upload a photo

    For the button, I usually use Learn more as it seems the most relevant

    Copy the address to the page you want to share from your browser and paste it into the Learn more box:

    It should look a bit like this:

  6. And click Update 


If this was helpful do let us know, on the other hand, if you feel something should be added or corrected do let us know on our contact form here