Hashtags and how to use them

Hashtags and how to use themA hashtag is a word with a hash symbol next to it like so: #HelloImAHashtag. 

Hashtags give more oomph to the keywords in your posts. They emphasise the words you want that post or tweet to be found under when people search social media platforms for those words or phrases. 

They are also useful if you want to say something but the keyword related to your post isn’t in what you’ve said. For example if, I posted; ‘New logo design for Compassion’ people interested in logo design might be searching for #branding, #customlogodesign. So it’s a good idea to add the hashtag.

Your hashtags need to be all one word without punctuation or spaces, so this #my hashtag wouldn’t work. If you want to separate the words to help them make sense, you can camelback them (making each new word begin with a capital letter with no spaces like so #ThisIsMyHashTagCamelBacked. 

If you want people to get to your website, don’t try this #www.polyspiral.com, just put www.polyspiral.com and it will become a link. You can tell if it’s going to work or not when you type your message, if it changes colour and looks like a link you’ve got it right, if part of it remains black then it’s going to be broken, try retyping it to see what happens.

Having hashtags greatly increases a post's reach. I for one get more retweets on Twitter and engagement on Instagram and new followers and replies when I add hashtags, sometimes from people I’ve never met and often from the other side of the world, it’s quite fascinating to see what happens.

Social media platforms that use hashtags

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok