How to use feedback and how this can help your Google Rankings

How to handle reviewsTestimonials

These are always great, and you can use them in a number of ways on your website and social media. It’s common to have your testimonials as a slideshow on the homepage of a website, but the drawback here is they’re not all showing at once, and any kind of slideshow can take up more download speed than having them all showing as text. 

Having them in paragraph format means people can scroll down and read, and its content Google will find easier to search. 

Encourage customers to use words and phrases of your keywords. This can seem like you’re telling them what to write but if you give them a few questions to guide them to those phrases it helps them to know what to write and they’re more likely to use your keywords without you having to tell them, which let's face it feels really fake. 

Negative comments 

I got asked once ‘should I put negative testimonials on my site for a balanced point of view. While I admire this honesty, it’s really not advisable, you may have come up against an unreasonable person. So instead you can make this positive by taking onboard negative comments and using those to improve your business, whilst keeping them private. That way you learn from mistakes (if any) and apply those lessons to future processes. Think of it as a way to evolve.


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How to get testimonials

By far the most effective testimonials are via your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business Page). These help in so many ways. Having recent good GBP reviews can improve where your website sits in comparison to your competitors, the more positive ones you have, the more likely you are to appear above them in search results. If they can include keywords as we’ve mentioned above this helps for relevant searches too, and obviously, people searching for your business directly will read and be impressed by your reviews. 

Social media - scattergun approach to reviews

Having as many positive testimonials on the social media platforms that support them, means wherever anyone looks up your business, they will have the opportunity to read them. And like a broken record, see if you can guide your customers to use keywords in their reviews of your business, as content on social media platforms will appear and is counted in Google. 

Testimonials via video

Although you can’t use a video as a GBP or Facebook review, you can upload them to YouTube and all your social media platforms!

Having a properly set up YouTube channel is another engaging way for customers to find out about what you have to offer, and YouTube is owned by Google is good for search too. Remember to make sure there are captions and if you can a transcript in the description to help with search.

If you have a brave customer who is willing to make a quick video saying how wonderful your organisation is that’s even better than text because it’s so much more personal and believable! 

I made a short video for Penny of The Best of Sudbury a few years (here it is) ago and she gained a number of new customers just because people saw it and how enthusiastic we are about her business and what they do for us! 

Main things to remember 

Don’t be shy to ask for a review, if someone is particularly pleased with the work you’ve done for them, they’ll be really happy to write or video you a review

Be sure to ask for testimonials regularly, out of date ones may be deemed less relevant so make sure you get these when you can!

When you get that testimonial, shout it from the tree-tops, well, at least post it everywhere you can, don’t be shy!