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The Best of Sudbury If you’re clever enough to have a profile with TheBestof Sudbury and wondering how to make it work for you, read on…

I’m Abbie of Polyspiral Ltd, and I’ve been a member of TheBestof Sudbury since 2014. My company in Sudbury, Suffolk has certainly reaped the rewards of being a member, here’s how. 

What are TheBestOfs?

TheBestOfs are a franchise of companies divided into localities to promote local businesses and events. Penny Wilby has become the glue of Sudbury businesses sticking people together who wouldn’t otherwise have met. Not all are so successful and some don’t get it. So here’s a little article I wrote to explain how it’s worked for us.


Without the Best of Sudbury. Polyspiral Website Design and Hosting would never have had the opportunity to win 12 awards since being a member. Each year (apart from 2020 due to the pandemic) We’ve had the opportunity to compete with other website designers as well as other businesses for the honour of being voted for by our customers and fans. Of course, we’ve posted about our awards a lot on social media and well anywhere possible.... Here are some our awards

BestofSudbury awards


We often write our useful blog posts on our profile at Best of Sudbury, Read our website design blog posts here. Doing so improves our rankings in Google, as has good domain authority in the eyes of Google and making sure we post links to our site and the services we offer within those articles ensures we keep that going.

So, if you have a profile with theBestof Sudbury, DO write some content, or get someone to write it for you! Write at least 500 words around a particular service or product you want to sell more of, remember to include words and phrases people are looking for and links to your website, make it useful and give people a reason to read it!. This will make Google sit up and think ‘hmm I better list this site a little higher, it must be very important!’

It’s also worth mentioning your blog posts get shared by Penny on social media, even on the platforms you may not be on! So do take advantage of this feature! 

Here’s a screenshot from SEMRush to prove it:


SEMRush Domain Authority


We’ve enjoyed putting together the Expo website for The Best of Sudbury which has not only helped Penny but us too. The exposure and a lovely thank you means Polyspiral gets noticed all the more! When those are up and running again, do pop in, you never know who you might meet and what opportunities might arise from those encounters

While we’re on the subject of events, if you’re running one let Penny know about it, she’ll put the word out on the interwebs so that you’ll get plenty of attendees! Oh but you have to be a member first!

Verified Reviews

Not just reviews, but verified ones, the best kind! Our customers have been bombarded over the years with a link to write a review on how they think we did, it’s honest and we’ve never twisted anyone's arms (promise). Now though, even your Google and Facebook reviews show up, all in one place! And if that wasn’t fabbydoo, then you can also display that as a ‘widget’ on your website like on our awards and reviews page. This means that your potential customers can trust the word of your recent customers! 

Feed it and use it

As mentioned with Backlinks above, DO write blog posts regularly and share them on social media. If you’re on Twitter you can share these on #SuffolkHour every Wednesday at 8.30 to 9.30pm. If you’re not sure what this is, have a read of Twitter Hours explained - what does #SuffolkHour mean?. Penny also sends out a newsletter where you can advertise your services there too.

Do it!

While being a member of The Best of Sudbury, we’ve accumulated more clients and even more through word-of-mouth than if we hadn’t joined. It’s boosted our reputation and helped grow Polyspiral Website Design and Hosting to be the business it is today

Thanks to Penny x


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