Landing pages explained

Landing pages explainedThe SEO technique of using Landing pages are simpler than you think. Here I will explain what they are and how to use them to promote your business.

Just because you don’t know the terminology of something doesn’t mean you don’t understand the process.

I’d been advertising my business for years by posting links to pages on my website for specific services I wanted to promote, without realising this is in fact how Landing pages work!

A landing page is a page on your website – yes it's that simple

Clearly this article is for beginners not marketing experts, as I can hear them face palming right now.

So in other words, a landing page is where people land when they find your website. It’s often the home page, but in a website search or online advert it might be another page on your website they’ve found – or landed on.

I’ve often felt marketing types overcomplicate terminology, whether to big themselves up or just to help make things easier to understand, us web developers can talk!

How can I use these Landing pages to promote my business?

Well it’s simpler than you think. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste it into your post on Social Media or even printed advert. Ok I’ll break that down without the jargon!

Go to the page which shows the product or service you want to promote and copy the link to it –  we call this the URL

So here I want to shamelessly promote my logo design service. Not all devices show the address bar at the top, it should look something like below:

Landing pages explained 1

It’s easier on a laptop or iPad. You can see the address or URL highlighted it in blue.

Go to where you want to promote your page, this is my Facebook page, create a post and paste the link in, this is what I get:

Landing pages explained

You can control which image Facebook shows by setting this in the page (a blog I’ve yet to write – watch this space). It’s best to say something about it rather than just the link, in my case it could be something cheesy and unimaginative like ‘get your awesome logo design here’. I’ve removed the images to keep it simple, this is before posting, you can see lots of options. Also once you’ve posted the address in and it’s created a preview then you can remove it and it will still link to your page:

After posting:

Landing pages explained

It varies how it will appear, the important thing is, when people click the post they’ll go to your page.

Landing pages explained

You can do this with your Google Business Page, Facebook as we’ve seen and LinkedIn, any online ads and even printed ones. With printed adverts, if you want to send someone to a specific page do try and keep the URL as simple as possible people will have to type it out.

With Facebook and LinkedIn you can also post links into comments, so if someone has put out there ‘I really need a new pair of wellington boots’ and you happen to sell them, then go find that URL on your website and replay: ‘We sell them here [then add your link]’. You may get a sale.

So hopefully you can now make the most of your website’s landing pages, no go and promote your business shamelessly!