Schedule your blog posts to minimise stress and maximise effect

Blog post writing planning strategyPlanning blog posts can really help with publishing consistency and saves time and effort

With WordPress and Drupal, you can schedule posts to be published in the future, so that when you have some time you can write a few in one go, load them onto your website and relax as they publish all by themselves. But don’t forget to share them on social media!

Seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night provide opportunities to sell related products, such as chocolate on Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter, or scary things at Halloween. Even if you don’t sell physical products, interesting stories behind these festivals generate interest too. If you sell health and safety courses then writing about how to keep safe on Fireworks Night could generate clicks. Taking advantage of what’s current helps give you inspiration and fresh content and Google loves up-to-date websites with useful entertaining stuff. 

Sporting events, such as the latest victory by England in the UEFA Women's EURO England 2022 is a great example! 

Other events to keep an eye on, for example, World Cup football, rugby, Olympics, and Paralympics will be trending when they are on, so take advantage of them!

These are opportunities not just to gain new first-time customers, but to grow a regular following. Keeping your content fresh not only boosts your site’s performance in Google, but can generate a feeling of ‘what will they write next?’ from your customers, keeping them coming back for more. Using seasonal and sporting events means growing your brand as well as your customer base.

Here’s a list of events you can take advantage of in 2022:

Valentine’s Day: 14th February

Guy Fawkes Night: 5th November

Halloween 31st October

New Year 31st December 2020

News events are a good source too

With the recent heatwave in the UK people will be searching Google for things like ‘how to keep cool’ - great content for health and fitness websites, or ‘what's the law on working in hot conditions’ - great content for selling health and safety courses or courses on business regulations.

CTAs - Calls to Action

Remember to add links to get people to buy or make an enquiry. Putting all that effort in writing this content is pretty useless unless it drives a sale! 

Intersperse your content (like we have here) with links to contact:

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You can plan posts for however long you want, a year might be too much for some, so over three or maybe six months in advance might be easier. Writing a list of headings, or having a folder with the titles of article ideas can help you fill in the content later.  

If you manage to schedule all the posts relating to events for an extended time you’ll save a lot of time and stress whilst gaining new enquiries.

How to schedule blog posts in WordPress

Simply put the date in the future in the Publish box as below:

How to schedule blog posts in WordPress

and the post will publish on that date. 

Is your website healthy? 

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