Things to get sorted before you start your website

Before you plunge into a website it’s important to figure out why you want to get online and what you want to achieve.

What a website will do for your business? 

A website can just be a validation tool as well as getting your business found in the search results.

When getting a new accountant for example you’ll want to make sure they’re legitimate. Often people do this by searching the web and if they don’t find a website,  they’ll probably come across your Google My Business page if you have one, any social media profiles, or if you’re a member of any accredited organisations or business groups you’ll appear on those. The only problem with this is you don’t have one hundred per cent control of how your business looks and how much content is visible to people finding it. These are all good if you’re on these and all people are saying nice things about you and that might be enough not to have a website. ‘noooooo!’ I hear fellow website developers cry. Well yes, if you read our article: Why have a website when I can use social media for free? (the title explains it I think) then having a website massively increases the chances of your business being found when searched for, of course that leads to lots of new business, as long as your website is well built. If you have no presence on the internet whatsoever, then it can plant doubts in the minds of people looking you up. A beautiful business card just isn’t enough to validate your business these days!

Therefore the reason to have a website can simply be ‘this is who we are’ or preferably be a serious marketing tool that broadcasts what you do effectively because it gets found in Google and Bing.

Yes we’re biased but a website does many things and even having a simple one is worth it.

Who is your website for?

Hopefully, you’ve worked out what you do and who you sell to, if you haven’t please do before you read on.

What do you want it to do?

As we mentioned above, do you want a basic ‘hey here we are’ type thing? Or something that does clever things? If you want clever things, then ask yourself why? Why do you want to do this? How will it serve your business? Lastly and most importantly; why would people want to do this, or in other words is it a reason for them to visit?

Fulfil these things then you’re onto a winner. Don’t fulfil these things then you could be wasting time and money, 

Give people a reason to visit and return to your website that will serve your visitors and your business.


You’ve got a swanky logo designed, if not give us a shout we do logos as well as websites. Anyway, before you think of designing your website you MUST get your branding right first! The appearance of your business on everything should be based on some branding. Have a consistent range of fonts, colours, and graphic elements. Any deviation looks cheap and unprofessional.

If you want to have a go at designing your own logo have a read of For the Love of Logos, which takes you through the process. 

Have a look at people running similar businesses to you, obviously don’t copy them, but emulate what you think works.

Once you’ve worked this out, go get a website designer. Or if you’re not sure of where to go next have a look at our ebook Where to Start with a Website or sign up here for your free copy by signing up to our newsletter