Website hosting, what you shouldn't be putting up with

Website hosting, what you shouldn't be putting up withPoor support

Your website provider should reply in a timely manner, be polite and not patronise or blind you with technobloop. 

If you or a potential customer of yours experiences issues visiting your website, your website developer should listen and take action to fix any problems once you’ve made them aware of it. 

When reporting an issue

Please provide as much information as possible if there’s something wrong with your website. As a website developer, I’ve had emails saying there’s something broken without enough specifics to be able to help there and then and replied with questions, which is often the case anyway. If you imagine visiting a doctor, you wouldn't just say ‘hey there’s something wrong with my leg’ then expect to get some pills to fix it, the doctor would ask you ‘when did it start?’, ‘does it hurt?’, ‘what makes it worse or better’. Website developers will probably ask slightly different questions, like which ‘page does it happen on?’, ‘do you get an error message? Stuff like this really helps us fix the issue faster. The best scenario is if you send one email and the reply back is ‘sorry about that issue, it’s now fixed’ rather than a few questions asking ‘when and where’, then the issue can be resolved faster. 

Your call or email shouldn’t be ignored, and you shouldn’t feel you have to put up with any rudeness or made to feel like your complaint isn’t invalid in any way, or even made to feel stupid. None of that’s ok!  

Remember websites can be transferred or even rebuilt, you can go elsewhere if you’re not happy and there’s lots of website providers like us who are happy to help.

Not able to update the content

We build our websites so clients can change the text images, add pages as and when they like. With a bit of support from us if they need it. Some prefer us to do it which we’re happy to do for a small fee, but you know your business and there’s no waiting around if you’re adding your own content. 

You shouldn’t be stopped from being able to add content and change text here and there, it’s your business's face to the online world, and you should have the power to be in control of it!

If you’re not happy with not being able to update your website, or it’s too difficult, let us know, we'd be happy to advise the best way forward, contact us here

Slow website 

Your website speed will vary depending on your network connection, how many people are accessing your website at any one time. It will also depend on how well your website is built and if there’s a lot going on. For example, large image-heavy slideshows can slow a page down. Embedded videos can slow down a site, have those streaming from YouTube or Vimeo if you can. 

Keep your website simple. There are ways to speed up websites using caching and minifying code, but make sure your website is built in such a way that allows it to work as fast as it can. If you’re not sure, contact us, we’re happy to check your site to see what can be improved. 


Spammers are just hackers looking for a way into a website. If a website contact form is easily hijacked to send out spam, then there might be other vulnerabilities elsewhere on the site. Spam isn’t just annoying and doesn’t just mean you might miss a genuine enquiry, it could mean your site is easily compromised. 

There are a number of ways to prevent spam, here’s an article which might be helpful for WordPress site owners if you’re getting an influx of emails about ray bans sunglasses or something less savoury:

The person looking after your website should do something about it, they may not know there’s an issue, so send them an example of what you’re getting. There is almost certainly something they can do to at least reduce the spam. 

Bugs and glitches 

Did you know glitch is a Yiddish word? Anyway, you can expect anything complex to have the occasional hiccup, but any self-respecting website developer will fix that straightway! You shouldn’t have to put up with errors, or contact forms not sending. The reason you have a website is to generate enquiries or at the very least be a twenty-four-hour point of contact. It’s a waste of money to miss potential work, but if customers don’t realise there’s an issue, use your contact form and you don’t get back to them, that might damage your business's reputation. It’s a good idea to test your contact form every now and then just to be sure.

Don’t suffer in silence

If you’re suffering from any of the above, we want to hear from you, we’re happy to help and advise, and if you want to quote to transfer your email and website to us so you can concentrate on enjoying your business and adding great content to your site. 

Your website shouldn’t be a constant headache, it should be like a fishing rod dangling irresistible bate to juicy new customers. Contact us to see if we can help.