What are ALT tags?

Alternative text for images. These are helpful for people using screen readers whose devices and programs only read text. Alternative text is also great for SEO, so the text you put in needs to be both explanatory and if possible contain the keywords people will use to find your services. 

How to add these alt tags:

Alternative text works by adding this code in the red outline around the image tag:

Alt Tag code

How to add alt tags in WordPress:

When you upload an image to WordPress you get the option of adding alternative text straight away or you can change or add it afterward here when you click on the image

Alt Tag code

How to add alt tags in Drupal:

There are two ways of adding images in Drupal. If your developer has enabled alt tags in Drupal here's what you should see when you upload an image for an image field:

alt text

Alternatively if you have CKEditor it will look like this:

Drupal alt tags

Always add an alternative wherever possible, it's good SEO and it makes your website more accessible. 

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