What can I sell online? Tickets to online events

What can I sell online? Tickets to online eventsThere are all sorts of events you can hold online, you may have taken part in the odd quiz during the lockdown. 

If you’re hosting an online event you’ll want to be able to sell tickets online, there are a number of ways to do this.

You can use a third party service such as EventBrite or Fatsoma, Zoom has a built-in feature which costs a little more than the basic package to sell places.

You may need to control place numbers if it’s an interactive event,to make it manageable. Especially if you're running a quiz or networking event. EventBrite and Fatsoma offer a way to sell a set amount of places and take payments for you. If you have a WordPress website there are plugins that offer this functionality too and can be cheaper to run as the only fee is the upkeep of the website and the potential fee for the plugin.
A website we recently built: greatbritishpubcrawl.co.uk for example which offers guided pub crawls through their website using an Event plugin in WordPress. 





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