Dementia Forward Website

Dementia Forward website upgrade

We redesigned and built Dementia Forward’s website:

The previous website needed a facelift and it was underused as a resource for fundraising, promoting events and how they help people young and old with dementia. 

We kept Jill and Debby part of the development process, as we do with all of our clients, this ensures they’re one hundred per cent happy with the outcome.

“Abbie was absolutely brilliant. She supported Dementia Forward through the whole process, and was always happy to make changes that we wanted to make the site more dementia friendly. She was able to talk us through anything technical in terms we could understand, and made the update of our website really straightforward. Many thanks”

Colours, fonts and design

The website needed to be accessible to care givers and especially people with dementia. This means making sure the typeface is one that’s easy to read and big enough. The colours reflect the branding, we didn’t add any more than green and yellow, so as not to make the site confusing and cluttered. The bright yellow really helped to make the site cheerful and bright without being overpowering.

The best design is simple and uncomplicated! 

Mobile friendly 

As always, we made the site mobile friendly, so the site works well on phones and tablets. 

As with designing for people with varying abilities it’s important to make any links easy to tap by making them big and bold, or easily tappable for example the phone numbers are links so they will call when tapped, so no need to memorise the number then call.

We also provided training so once the website went live they could update the site easily. We always provide one-to-one support with our website hosting and maintenance service, so anytime a client gets stuck or wants to chat about anything we’re here to help.