Drupal 7 to 9 migration

Drupal 9

With support for Drupal 7 coming to an end in November 2022, your site could become insecure, vulnerable to attack, and less and less compatible. 

Luckily there is a solution that doesn't involve another website platform to learn, or a whole new rebuild.

As long as your Drupal 7 site is built as it should be, we can upgrade it to the latest Drupal 9 platform, so you can continue to have a secure and stable site, which is almost identical to update as your old site, plus has all the new features Drupal 9 has to offer.

What we need from you

As much information about your current website as you can, tell us all about it in the form below.

We will need access to your site's login, but we'll ask you for this via a separate conversation for security. 

What we do

1. Initial Assessment

First of all, we find out how complex your site is; this will tell us how much work will be needed to migrate the site. We're looking for which modules are used, whether there is any custom code we need to replicate or rewrite, and whether the old website developer has left any nasty surprises! Once we have an idea about these things, we'll send you a quote for the migration of the site.

This process can take a few days, which is why we need to charge for this service. We'll give you the information we've gathered at the end so you can take this to another developer if you wish to go elsewhere; however, we hope you’ll stay with us so if you're happy to go ahead we'll go to the next step.

2. Migration

Or upgrade, whichever term you feel comfortable using. We take a backup of your current Drupal 7 site, and create a development site in a secure private area. This is where the migration takes place (in other words, the clever bit). Then we add and test any features you've requested, and make any design changes. If your site wasn't made friendly for mobile devices, we'll do that for you at this stage too. Once we're ready, we'll send you a link and you can request changes before we go live.

Please note, any changes may need to be quoted as extra work, but if they're very minor then we do try to do them without charging.

3. Going live

We make your website live on our server with our website hosting, security and support service, so you never have to worry about fixing a bug or dealing with anything technical. We take care of all the geeky stuff, provide one-to-one support and host your email if you'd like us to.

When we're all sure that the site is running as it should, then you can tell the world! You can now get on with your business and promote it online with your shiny new up-to-date website.

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