FAQs for website design, hosting and SEO

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word with a hash symbol next to it like so: #HelloImAHashtag. 

Hashtags give more oomph to the keywords in your posts. They emphasise the words you want that post or tweet to be found under when people search social media platforms for those words or phrases. 

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Will I be able to get analytics?

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are set up with every site we build or take on. We give you full ownership access too!
See our Website Hosting and support service for more information

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is encryption between the user and the website, so any data the user enters, for example, postal address details entered into a contact form or credit card details, cannot be intercepted and used by anyone if there is an SSL in place as they are encrypted.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves a range of techniques to improve where your website appears in Google and other search engines and convert those visitors to buyers and referrers.

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What does target audience mean?

Target audience in terms of websites and marketing is who the people are that you’re trying to reach. They might be your customers or who you want them to be, or your readers. 

What is Structured data?

Structured data is code put into the background to help search engines easily understand your site. This has an advantage for optimising websites for search engines as your web pages will be registered more efficiently listed in their search results.  

What is HTML?

Hypertext transfer Markup Language. This is the programming language that websites are written in and structures web pages.

What is CSS? 

Cascading Style Sheets. This is the programing language that controls the look and layout of website pages. For example fonts, colours, background and any graphic elements on web pages are assigned CSS values to make the look and sometimes behave the way they do

What does SERP mean?

Search Engine Results Page. These are the results on the page after you search for ‘boomerang’ for example, the page you see once you click [SEARCH] or a magnifying glass icon is the SERP.

What is a browser?

A browser is short for website browser. . This is a program or app on your smartphone or computer to navigate websites. Examples of website browsers are: Google Chrome, Apple  Safari, Microsoft Edge (previously Internet Explorer) 

What are caches?

‘My website developer asked me to clear my browser cache and I don’t know what they mean’.

Your website browser stores a version of the web page you’ve been on to speed up using that site. This saves data usage on mobile phones not using Wi-Fi and speeds up browsing on slow internet speeds. The place where they are stored is called a cache, or sometimes Temporary Internet Files. 

When building a website, and making changes, sometimes those changes aren’t visible to the customer, so we ask them to clear their browser cache, usually to the consternation of the customer who has no idea what we're talking about. Luckily we’re happy to explain. 

What is the 'cloud'?

The cloud is a group of computers usually referred to as servers connected to the internet which are used for file storage. They are usually located in data centres all over the world.

What is hosting?

Website hosting is where your website lives. A website is a group of files which live on a computer called a server (because it serves the pages and other data) over the web to people accessing your website on that server. 

A bit more detail here: Beginners guide to website hosting. Or if you’re interested in moving your website to us have a look at what we include here with our Website Hosting Maintenance and support service 

Why should I pay someone else to host for me?

If you’re a website designer or just a general geek, then you’re probably very capable of looking after your own hosting. But most business owners don’t want the hassle of dealing with security updates for their website or server software and have someone like us do all the technical stuff. Our hosting runs on 100% renewable energy, find out more here Website Hosting Maintenance and support service.

How many pages can I have on my website?

As many as you like! We don’t charge per page and we teach you how to update your website or you can get us to do that for you. In extreme cases where you have thousands of pages, there can be an issue with crawl budget where Google only crawls a percentage of your website. But this is very unusual. If you do have a lot of pages, do think about the user-experience, is the site easy to navigate and how can you make it easier, is it mobile-friendly? 

A backlink is a link to a website, from another website. If you have lots of external links to your site it can boost your website's appearance in the main search engines 
More on backlinks here: Backlinks Explained

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is any activity which affects your website's ranking in Google but isn’t taking place on your website. For example: 

  • Backlinks
  • Posts from social media and updates on Google Business profile. 
  • Google Search Console and submitting a sitemap
  • Competitor analysis

What is on-page SEO

On-page SEO is any activity on your website to boost its visibility in the main search engines. These include: