HK Nutrition website upgrade

HK Nutrition website


"I highly recommend Abbie of Polyspiral Website Design. She is lovely, really easy to communicate with very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the website refresh she has completed for me. "
- Helen Kempson

We were delighted when Helen Kempson of HK Nutrition approached us to upgrade her WordPress website and logo.

Helen came to visit our office in Sudbury Suffolk where we went through all the things she wanted to update and add to her website. 

From the initial consultation, we wrote an itemised and detailed quote so it was all clear what's included. We then created a backup of Helen’s website in a private secure area and made the changes required there. When ready we sent Helen a link to view the work and through a process of changes and feedback and further changes (as is usual with building and upgrading websites) we arrived at a website design Helen is happy with. We then made the website live to the world!

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that our customers are one hundred per cent happy with what we do for them! We simply can’t bear leaving a customer with something they don’t feel reflects them or their business in the best possible way with the best possible website or logo. 

Spam prevention

Helen also had issues with spam, so we added some better spam prevention measures so she could carry on getting genuine enquiries whilst keeping out unsolicited emails.

We also integrated MailChimp so that people could sign up for Helen’s newsletter easily via the contact form and through the Free Resources page where visitors can download Helen’s free ebook.

Updated logo

As we do with all our projects, we went through a similar developmental process designing Helen’s logo as the website; making changes, getting feedback and making final changes, until final approval.

Helen’s old logo had some lovely shades of green which we kept. We simplified and strengthened the design with a simple apple which is hand-drawn to give a natural feeling, with a professional and approachable typeface in charcoal grey. 

It's important to give the right impression, so for a nutritional therapist appearing professional yet friendly means that customers feel comfortable contacting Helen for a consultation.

We supplied Helen with all the print and web-ready versions of her logo she should need, and as always, we’re happy to create her logo in any file formats we’ve not encountered yet. 

Making contact easy

We updated the design by breaking up the information to make it clearer for the eye to scan and added bold calls to action to make it easy and convenient for website visitors to make enquiries.

Making it easy to get in contact also means making phone numbers tappable so when people are using the website on a mobile phone, all they have to do is tap the telephone number to make an enquiry. 

Social media links are a great way to make it easy for potential customers to contact you. We've added these icons in obvious places on the website to make it easy to find them.

Even if you don't post often, being open to communication on platforms your customers are comfortable using, increases the likelihood they’ll make contact.

Helen was finding some of her emails were going into spam, so we added an SPF record to the domain name and a DKIM key to reduce this from happening. We recommend this to anyone using email with their domain name, as people aren't always aware your email has gone into junk mail.

Let us help you with your WordPress website 

If you've had a WordPress website for a few years, and you feel it’s looking tired and out of date, you’re having issues with spam, or maybe you’d like some new features, talk to us here: WordPress upgrade enquiry form or call 01787 464690