Drupal 9 website for charity

We rebuilt Hourglass’s website to reflect their new branding and added new features such as a shop, donating facility, online chat and knowledge bank: wearehourglass.org

Hourglass (previously known as Action on Elder Abuse) are a charity who helps victims of elder abuse. It’s horribly surprising how common all sorts of horrific abuse goes on and Hourglass does an amazing job making people aware of this and helping victims.

Nation access 

Hourglass look after people in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. So it was important that the website spoke to people in those nations too. We used domains and a drop down menu on the main page, so wearehourglass.scot/scotland for example goes to the Scottish section of the website.

Because the website is for elderly abused people we needed to make sure the site can be easily and quickly accessed by people who may have eyesight issues , so we made sure the typeface is large and clear to read and the layout easy to follow. Hourglass also asked us to add an Exit the site button, so if an elderly victim was on the site and an abuser came nearby they could exit the site quickly.

Easy to get in contact

Call to action or in this case points of contact on any website are vitally important. We made the phone number and text number easy to find and tappable on mobile devices, so that someone on the site can tap either of those to get in touch.

The site is easily searchable for information and of course mobile friendly.