What is a Favicon on and why does my website need one?

A Favicon is a little icon you see in your browser window tab. It’s only small and seems insignificant but it can add that professional touch to your website, here’s one without:



This is what having your own looks like:


Doesn’t it look nice, it can make your site seem that little bit more professional and they show up in the search results too:



This really helps brand awareness.

How to create a favicon for WordPress

You’ll need an image editing program like PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, or even Canva. It looks best if you don’t have a white background to it, so if your logo like Sue’s contains a balloon that looks lovely on its own, you’ll need to make a transparent PNG. If you import an AI, EPS or PDF of the logo into one for the programs above, you should be able to do that



Make sure your canvas is square, it can be bigger than the 16 x 16 pixels it gets shown at as the browser will reduce it. 

Click here to find out how to add your Favicon to your website

it’s a nice finish to your website and can help with the overall impression of your online presence and spread brand awareness. 

We always provide a version for your website with our logo design service and if you need it, we can help you add this to your website.