What training do we offer with our websites?

What training do we offer with our websites?A few years ago after offering high-end websites for large sums of money, we started a value website package to help out small businesses. We heard people say ‘I just want a website, no frills just the basics’ and couldn’t help those customers, some went to the likes of Wix, Weebly and other website builders. We couldn’t compete with their prices but we could offer a basic package that can be built on later. So we started out Starter package which means you get everything you need to start your online presence at a price most new businesses can afford.

It’s not just a basic website and ‘off you go’ either, we need to support you! Not everyone knows how to manage a WordPress website from the outset! Some, if not all, need a little help.

So we offer a large chunk of support to help you along the way.

We build your website in a secure area away from prying eyes, send you a secure link to add all the content you need. Next comes the training.

Face to face

Once ready we have you in for training, or via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, but usually it’s in our office in Sudbury, with hot drinks and biscuits.

The training can last up to two hours, or broken down into smaller sessions if it helps reduce information overload.  

We show you how to add text, images, pages and how to embed video from your YouTube channel if you have one.

Teaching you some basic security skills to keep you, your customers and your website safe, what content is good for SEO and you can ask us anything you need to help you feel confident with your new website.

See our WordPress course information

Online WordPress Guide

This is in a bit more depth than the Blog and YouTube channel. A complete guide including tips on how to install plugins and how to make sure you don't add anything you shouldn’t. This guide is completely searchable and only available to our customers.

Click here for our Website Helper website

Out into the ether, but we’re still here

Once you’ve had your training you can access your website in it’s secure parked area and continue to add the rest of your content. We are still here if you need us to help, via email and at the end of the phone, or you can pop in again if that helps, and that goes for when your website is live, our one-to-one support continues with our Website hosting and security care package. This package also includes security updates and checks and if you need any help with your website, we’re on hand to help.