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We’re passionate about functionality as well as design! Your site shouldn’t just be a thing of beauty. It should be a place where people want to buy your services or products.
 Our website designs are clear, clean and uncluttered, have a look - see our websites here.

We work alongside you throughout the design and development process to bring your website to life!

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No cookie cutters here

All of our websites are individually designed. Your business is not like any others so we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to your website.

It’s got to be engaging and functional! An original design means your website won’t go unnoticed or be drowned out by your competitors. It should be easy to update, and just in case we offer training to ensure you make the most of your online presence.

Awesome website content

People find your website in all sorts of ways, sometimes it’s just to validate your website after meeting a contact, a reference for information you send to customers, landing pages you post to social media. 

But most effectively having your website found in Google (and Bing) is a great way to make completely new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have met, you never know where it might lead your business.

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Can I write my own text?

Sure, you can write your own content with a little guidance from us, or you can have us write it for you which usually means better results in search.

You want your site to perform as well as possible, having content that’s written by a professional is the best way to increase your site’s chances of success.

We set you up with access to view your website’s performance so you can track its progress and make tweaks as you go to make it perform better.

Websites need feeding, they’re not set in stone, so we encourage our customers to update their websites frequently, Google likes fresh content, find out why here 

Mobile and responsive, it’s the 2020s after all! 

Websites are mostly accessed on mobile devices these days and we’ve been making our websites responsive since 2012. 

Your website should be easy to access on any device, be it a smartphone or tablet. Buying products and services, tickets to events, reading news, it shouldn’t be a challenge to your potential customers. 

Even today there are still websites that are not mobile-friendly, have you checked yours? Check if your website is mobile here

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t fret, if it’s a WordPress or Drupal website we can sort it, let us know: help me make my website mobile friendly 

Functionality and custom features

Do you need your website to do something more than ‘hello, is it me you're looking for?’. You might want an online shop with some custom features, a member login area, or something we haven’t imagined yet, tell us all about it so we can bring it to life - get a website quote

Websites can and do grow, what you need them to do, and new technology that comes out, so we can add new features later if you want to keep it simple to start with and build it up later.

Ongoing one-to-one support once your website is live. 

We think of a website as being like a garden, which needs watering, feeding and sometimes weeding as things grow and seasons change.

We know you’ll want to chat about your website from time to time, things might crop up that worry you, we want to be there to reassure you and sort out any issues if they arise. So you can feel confident that your website is well looked after. If you get stuck or want to chat about an idea you have, we want to hear from you, so we can help. Contact us about your website here

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For Wordpress

Our WordPress customers have a specially written online guide only our they have access to and of course the ongoing support as above.

For Drupal 

The nature of Drupal means each website is much more customised than WordPress websites, so a universal guide just wouldn’t do. That’s why we individually write instructions for each of our Drupal customers, so they can update their websites.

Empowering our customers 

We believe in empowering our customers to be in control of their online existence, to feel confident and inspired. 

Our Website Hosting, Maintenance and support makes it easy for our customers to update their websites.

Which platform is right for you?

We build our websites in WordPress and Drupal. We work out at the planning stage which one is best for you based on what you need your website to do.

For simple, straightforward and even large websites WordPress is usually a good fit. For more complex high volume websites, we use Drupal, it’s a lesser-known CMS but trusted by the Australian Government, SpaceX to name but a few large organisations who've adapted this platform brilliantly to their businesses. 

You own it!

If you've read up to this point, well done! 

We build and look after your website with our friendly staff and one-to-one support. Your website is yours, we just make it happen for you, enabling you to use your website in all the ways you can to grow your business. 

So do get in touch,  go on, ask us anything!

Helmsman Services

"We chose Polyspiral to redesign the Helmsman Services Ltd website and are very pleased that we did. They are very knowledgeable and friendly and nothing seems too much for them to do. They're now dealing with the SEO side of the site and we are already getting enquiries - something that we haven't had for several years with our former site. We look forward to a long relationship with them"

- Tony Wilson of Helmsman Services

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