Website design in more detail

Friendly website designers in Sudbury, Suffolk

Whether you want a simple website to say ‘hi, we are’ or more complex website to do fancy things, get in touch!

We work with you throughout the design and development process to bring your website to life!

All of our websites are custom designed. There’s no cookie-cutter template to prevent your website being noticed or drowned out by your competitors. 

Your website should be easy to update and we offer training to ensure you make most of of your online presence.

What we build our websites in

We use WordPress and Drupal, as they are well supported and open-source. We love how much control and ownership that gives our customers.

Our Website hosting and security care package means your website is kept safe and secure, while all you have to do is furnish your site with your latest products and services.

Ready for Google and Bing

We ensure our websites are mobile friendly, all have SSL certificates, Google Analytics and Console set up as standard. We also make sure our websites run as fast as they can. All these things are what Google are after to list your site as high as possible in their listings. There's much more to do to make sure your website is performing as well as it can in search.

Adding fresh content to your site and social media to drive traffic to it is a must, if your site isn't performing well in Google have a look at our Website Promotion service to see how we can help.

We build in WordPress and Drupal

This means your website is easy to update and well supported. Full access and training as well as a person on the end of the line for full website support. Our website hosting includes security checks and updates to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

What can I do with my website?

We want our customers to have as much control as possible, whilst keeping your site secure and running smoothly. So, we encourage our customers to update their own websites after teaching them how and guidance if needed. An hour's support a month (or more if needed) is available with our Website Hosting, Security and Support service. So we can be there on email, phone or video call to show you how to do something if you've forgotten. We also have a WordPress guide only available to our customers and we write instructions for our Drupal customers. 

Typically customers can update and add pages, add images and videos. Unlike some website developers we don't charge by page, you can add as many as you like. We charge by feature, and quote for these so you know what you're getting and can set a budget. 

How we start

First of all we find out all about you and your business, and what you want from your website.

Once we have enough information we begin to build your website in a private secure area. Once ready, we send a link with login details so you can have a look and together we make changes until you're happy. Once you're happy with your we site and you're ready we make it live.


With our Website Hosting, Security and Support service we look after the technical stuff, running the security updates, fixing any bugs, also be there for you should you have any support issues.

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