Website redesign for Paws For Thought Cattery in Essex

Website Facelift for Paws For Thought Cattery, in WordPress on our website hosting

Redesign and rebuild of with a quirky animation and cartoons.

We inherited the Paws For Though Cattery some time ago. We worked with Rob to design the website so it was more up-to-date, works better on mobile devices and has elements of the business’s personality into their online presence.

Rob also wanted some simple animation, so we created a fun animated element to their logo.
Animations can be be a little distracting if they keep repeating, so it only plays once on the homepage. If you want to see it play again below, just refresh your page


Paws for Thought Cattery animated logo

We also created some cartoons, this one if for their Home Disruption blog post


Paws for Thought Cattery cartoon

and the What you can expect page: