White Hart Inn, Halstead Essex, new website design

Whitehart Inn, Halstead Essex website design and online shop

Website design for The White Hart in Halstead, Essex

The White Hart Inn is a lovely pub in Halstead Essex, just near Sudbury, which sells gorgeous craft gins and beers distilled and brewed at the premises. 

So you can imagine we were elated to be approached by Hugo to create a whole new website.

They asked us to make it easy to navigate and update themselves without compromising a visually appealing mobile-first design, which of course we did, as we do with all of our websites.

Hugo, an already expert graphic designer,  had some stunning examples of the logo and labels, which we used as the basis of the website’s design.

As with all our websites, it’s mobile-friendly, most people will be seeing the site on a smartphone or tablet, so ease of use here is very important, and even now responsiveness is sometimes overlooked. If you’re wondering why it’s so important, have a read of our blog Why your website needs to be optimised for mobile devices

We always include a Google map to make venues like these easy to find, and contact details are easily accessible. Lots of pubs, cafes and restaurants are checked out online first before people visit, so the website needs to sell itself and location information has to be easy to find. 

We gave Hugo who runs the pub a little training, has taken to updating the website with ease, he regularly ads products and updates the tasty food menu. 

The White Hart Pub is now selling online

During the pandemic, many pubs and restaurants suffered financially, yet many adapted by selling online. The White Hart Inn was no exception. 

We added a simple online shop where they now sell their own delicious gins and refreshing beers. Which we highly recommend! 

White Hart Inn, Halstead Essex, near Sudbury Suffolk

Working out shipping 

Each online store we’ve worked on has a different method of shipping and delivery. It’s an often underestimated task when setting up a shop on the web. 

In the White Hart Inn’s case, these are luxury items sold in attractive gift boxes, great for Christmas and birthday gifts. Hugo worked out how he wanted the shipping to be charged which took a bit of working out and testing.

Shipping and delivery seem simple at first but when you factor in the weight of packaging and charging for different regions and different classes even within the UK it can be quite a challenge. 

Have a read of our Selling online guide if you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce website and need some guidance: What can I sell online?

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