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Although Wix is an excellent platform for many businesses, some find themselves desiring a more personalised experience with website hosting. Perhaps you'd like to speak with an actual human being who supports a small business rather than a faceless corporation.

If you've outgrown your Wix website and are seeking greater independence and more choices, Polyspiral.com can help you transition to WordPress. We have successfully converted numerous Wix websites into WordPress for a variety of small businesses that were looking for a seamless shift to a more professional platform.

We're here to help you make that transition. 

We take your existing Wix website and transfer its content to a tailor-made WordPress framework. Our team of experts also enhances the website's design to optimize its performance on mobile devices.

To further enhance your website's functionality, we offer optional features that can be added during the transfer process, including the registration of your site with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Bing. Additionally, we can include a contact form with spam prevention, a blog, social media icon links, and social share buttons, if these features are not already present on your Wix site.

Making the most of your website 

Once we have transferred your website to WordPress, we provide you with a link to access the site in a secure private area. Before your website goes live, we offer personalized training to ensure you are comfortable updating your site. This training can be conducted via video chat or in person and covers all aspects of adding and editing text, images, pages, and even YouTube videos if you have a channel.

To ensure your website remains relevant and active, Google favours websites with fresh and updated content. Adding blog posts, for instance, helps to establish authority within your industry and to improve your website's search engine rankings. Our team can provide advice on how to create effective content that is optimized for search engines like Google and Bing, ensuring that your website generates quality leads that more than cover its maintenance costs.

Website hosting 

We recommend hosting your new WordPress website with us, as we can ensure it is well-maintained and properly supported. However, we do not impose any hosting restrictions and are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Our Website Hosting, Maintenance, and Support Service offers a comprehensive package that goes beyond mere hosting, covering security updates, bug fixes, spam, and DDoS service prevention, and providing one-to-one support with a real human being whenever you need it.

With our services, you can focus on running your business while we take care of all technical aspects of website management. Rest assured that your site is kept safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about anything technical getting in the way of your success. For more information, please visit our Website Hosting page for more detail.

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